*All minimum fees, plus applicable taxes, are non-refundable and must be submitted with the initial documentation prior to CANNABIS VENTURE EXCHANGE/iNCUBANKER ("The Exchange") commencing listing.
The balance of the required listing fee is not to be submitted until requested by "The Exchange" at the conclusion of the transaction. The non-refundable fee for a request for a listing submission is $5,000.
(1) Calculated based on the market capitalization of the Issuer as at December 31 of the year prior to the billing period. If an Issuer fails to submit its sustaining fee by the required remittance date, as prescribed by the Exchange, an additional monthly fee of 5% of the outstanding sustaining fee will be charged to the Issuer for each month that the sustaining fee remains outstanding.

(2) This fee is normally applicable to a supplemental listing of warrants. A supplemental listing of other securities undertaken in conjunction with a Private Placement or Public Offering will be subject to the financing fees applicable to Private Placements or Public Offerings.

(3) This processing fee may be charged in various circumstances, including where an Issuer fails to file an application in respect of a transaction,
in accordance with Exchange Requirements. In those circumstances, in addition to any other fee payable in regard to that transaction, the Issuer
will be required to pay a processing fee of $500 for each missed transaction filing.

(4) The Exchange may impose fees to recover its costs, including the following:
(a) The Exchange will require reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs incurred in the context of the filing of Personal Information Forms (PIFs) for
(i) the approval of a new Insider, except where the Person becomes an Insider in the context of a transaction (i.e. Private Placement, QT, RTO, COB etc.) for which fees are otherwise prescribed by this Policy, or (ii) the approval of an appointment of a Person carrying out Investor Relations Activities (collectively, the Reimbursement Circumstances.)

If there are Reimbursement Circumstances, a filer must, in addition to any other fees payable pursuant to this Policy, submit a fee of $200 for
each new Insider or Person carrying out Investor Relations Activities.
(b) The Exchange may levy a charge to cover expenses that it has incurred relating to:
(i) due diligence, research or assessment procedures which the Exchange deems necessary in connection with any notice or application that has been filed or that, in the opinion of the Exchange, ought to have been filed in accordance with Exchange Requirements, (ii) a review that the Exchange deems necessary, as to the suitability of any Person to be involved with an Issuer or an associate or affiliate of an Issuer, or
(iii) any review or investigation that the Exchange deems necessary respecting the business or affairs of an Issuer or any Person involved or to be involved with an Issuer.

(5) The Exchange reserves the right to charge additional fees in extraordinary circumstances where an inordinate amount of time is required to process an application or a filing.

(6) 5% GST and any other applicable tax are to be added to all fees.

(7) Calculation of fees for listing transactions includes the exercise of all warrants or conversion of any convertible securities.

(8) The basis used to calculate certain fees are outlined in further detail in Appendix 1A- Notice of Billing Practices.